Young People
Child Protection

CPWe believe that children are vulnerable, and deserve our care and attention. Due to this, we have a child protection policy;  a copy of which is available should you wish to see it. All our leaders have satisfactory disclosure.

So that we can do things right, we wish your permission for your child to attend, and for us to bring them home. Please see the back sheet of the current leaflet. The part about illness or accident is for use in emergencies.

6.45 Club

What it’s all about!

Children are really special! When Jesus walked on earth, he showed that, when he made a special plea for children so that they could come to him.

We want to tell the children all about Jesus, and about Jesus’ storybook – the Bible

One Way

Twice a month on Friday nights. The second Friday, and the fourth Friday, is the time to really chill out. 

The venue changes from time to time, so check us out for location beforehand.

There are games to suit every character imaginable. Maybe you just want to talk to the others for a couple of hours. The relaxing atmosphere can be really appreciated.

At the end of the night, there’s a time to provoke some real, life changing ideas — two way — listen — talk — think.


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Times of Services

SGH Frontage

10.30am Breaking of Bread
12.00 noon Family Service 
4.00pm Bible Teaching

6.45pm The 6.45 Club
(for 5 to 11's)          Re-starts September

7.30pm Bible-Study & Prayer 

Every other Friday
7.30pm One Way
(Secondary School age)